Results Delivered

Vitor Media has developed a unique set of video advertising solutions, which combine the follow key elements to enable advertisers reach their goals.


Audiences at Scale

Reach target audiences at scale, across curated quality video inventory, incorporating 1st and 3rd party data for greater precision

Guaranteed KPIs

Pay-for-performance solutions which guarantee 100% viewability, 100% share of voice, 100% completion rates to eliminate risk and maximize ROI

Quality Assurance

Transparency, viewability and use of leading anti-fraud technologies ensures quality impressions



  Tailor made publisher executions for advertisers looking for greater brand impact beyond the video impression

Launch with Ease

Inventory can be accessed programmatically or with tags, and can be live within hours

Premium Service

Dedicated account managers provide managed services to implement your video advertising strategy and execute buys across multiple channels and devices


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