Vitor Media enables advertisers to deliver the right audio message to the right listener at the right time, with 100,000s of audio publishers worldwide.


Reach and Scale

We provide access to millions of users via 300,000+ audio streams across the globe, enabling advertisers to reach specific, engaged audiences at scale and within budget.



We enable advertisers to target unique listeners through multiple targeting options—including demographics, geolocation, device, content genre, first- and third-party data, and more.


Brand Safe

We ensure quality inventory and eliminate the risk of fraud through intermediaries, via direct integrations with our audio streams.


Buying options

Buys may be executed programmatically or via tags. Compatible with DAAST and VAST advertising specifications, a2x abides by industry standards for audio ad delivery and execution.




What we Do

We enable audio publishers to maximize revenue for their digital audio inventory, while getting powerful data points on their audience.


How We Work

We partner with audio publishers to make their supply available to agencies, DSPs, and other audio buyers, by integrating with their existing technology stack to facilitate buying either via VAST tags or programmatically. We can also work with your pre-existing ad insertion capabilities.


What We Offer

In addition to monetizing, marketing, and packaging inventory for buyers, our services include campaign management, trafficking, yield optimization, analytics and reporting.


To find out more about what we do, our offers and capabilities, get in touch! By email at, or by the Contact Us page on this website. We hope to hear from you soon.