Privacy Policy—Our Apps

This Privacy Statement applies to all applications by Vitor Media LLC. collectively, “we”, “our”, or “us”). This Privacy Statement governs your use of our Apps, regardless of how you access or use them. By “Apps”, we mean our products and services that we make available via OTT platforms or app stores.


WE DO NOT KNOWINGLY COLLECT PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM CHILDREN UNDER 13. We take special precautions to protect the privacy of children under 13.

  • None of our apps, including those intended for children, collect personal contact information (like your name, birthdate, phone number, or home address).

  • We do collect some information (like your IP address and your device’s advertising ID), which we use to deliver ads to your device, to track usage of our apps in the aggregate, and to facilitate other internal operations.

  • We only collect information necessary to ensure our channels, videos, and monetization are available and working smoothly.

  • We do not store this information ourselves, and any information accessible to us via our third-party Partners is pseudonymized and de–identified to protect user privacy.

  • We do not provide any means by which children may post or publicly disclose personal contact information.

  • We work with our advertising partners to ensure their compliance with applicable laws, especially with regards to those Apps and Sites targeted to children under 13 and other sensitive demographics.

  • Parents can ask us to update or delete their children’s information.

We require our advertising service partners to comply with self-regulatory guidelines on targeted advertising. We do not permit interest-based or behavioral advertising on Apps directed to children under 13 or where we have actual knowledge that a child is under 13.


We sometimes collect information from adults and teens to serve your needs, manage our content and advertising, operate efficiently, and improve our products and services.

  • Certain information may be collected automatically on our Apps, like your IP address, your device’s advertising ID, language preferences, device, internet service provider, general location (e.g., zip code, but not specific address) and other non-identifiable information.

  • We may obtain information from commercial sources and combine it with information we have collected.

  • Third parties may also collect certain information via our Apps.


  • Our Apps use technology to store your settings and preferences, help us understand the features that appeal to visitors, and manage advertising, among other things.

  • We work with third parties who offer analytics on our Apps. They use technology to collect device identifiers, such as your IP address or device advertising ID, and information on your usage of our services, to do so.

  • In addition, we work with third parties to deliver ads in our Apps. They may have access to your IP address or device advertising ID to facilitate the delivery of relevant ads, including frequency capping and fraud detection.

  • Tools are available to help you control some of these technologies.

  • Vitor Media, LLC and its agents or service providers or business partners may receive and store certain information automatically when you download or use one of our Apps. This may include information such as device IP addresses, or unique device identifiers associated with your OTT device. This information allows us to track the installation and frequency of use of our Apps.

  • Third–party analytics and advertising networks may also use pixel tags, clear GIFs and other technology to collect certain limited, non-personally-identifiable information automatically. Advertising networks may use this information in connection with third–party data to serve you targeted ads for products and services that, based on your activities, are likely to be of interest to you (“interest-based advertising”). We do not permit interest-based advertising on Apps directed to children under 13 or where we have actual knowledge that a child is under 13.

  • Find out more about these technologies and how you can control their use below.

Web Beacons, Pixel tags or clear GIFs

Companies that advertise on our Apps may also place web beacons, tracking pixels, or clear GIFs in their ads to help develop statistics on the effectiveness of advertising on our Apps. The information collected may include your IP address or your device’s advertising ID, as well as your interactions with, and/or progress in viewing, a particular advertisement. We do not control web beacons in third party ads.

  • Apps

When downloading an App (or using an App that relies on online features made available through your mobile platform), the app store may collect certain device and app-related information. We do not control the data collection or privacy practices of those stores. You should review the privacy policy and terms of use of any application store before downloading or using any app and review and use available controls and settings on your device to reflect your preferences.

  • Location Information

We do not collect precise location information, but we and our third party Partners may gather some general location information (such as your zip code) by connecting your IP address with a third-party geolocation database. This information is used to deliver relevant ads, such as an ad for a local car dealership, and may also be used for aggregate demographic tracking by our third-party Analytics Partners.

  • Targeted Advertising

Vitor Media LLC may work with third party online or mobile network advertisers that attempt to associate your IP address or other identifiers with third–party data to help us improve the relevance of advertising made available to you on our Apps, as well as to measure ad effectiveness. The information that we collect and share in this fashion is de-identified and not personally identifiable. It does not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address. In compliance with COPPA, we do not run targeted advertising on any Apps intended for children under the age of 13.


We may share information:

  • Within our family of companies, and with our agents and service providers.

  • As necessary to satisfy a legal request, protect property or personal safety, when a business is bought or sold, or as otherwise allowed or required by law.



We strive to maintain the security of information, but cannot guarantee that all of our information security measures are entirely fail-safe.


The servers which host the content made available in our Apps, as well as the third–party servers which provide our access to advertising and analytics functionality, may not be located in your country of residence and are governed by U.S. laws. By using our Apps, you agree to the transfer, collection, processing and use of data by our Apps. The servers used for the processing and storage of information by us and our third–party partners may not be located in your country of residence, and applicable privacy laws may differ. However, we take reasonable steps to safeguard personal information as outlined in this Privacy Statement. By using our Apps, you agree to the transfer, processing, collection, and use of data as set forth in our Privacy Statement, our Terms and Conditions, and any other terms provided at the time of collection. The servers hosting the Apps themselves at the time of download and installation are managed by the respective platform owners; we have no control over these servers, nor over their functionality, availability, uptime, or collection practices. Make sure you read the privacy policy of the platform owner and of the app store or channel store before downloading one of our Apps.


We will update this Privacy Statement from time to time by posting the updated Privacy Statement online. We will not change how we handle previously collected information without providing notice.